If you love someone, you have come to know the beauty of people and things. And if you love the beauty of things, you can find it in many enchanting corners of Italy, a country that responds more quickly if you call it “Bel Paese”, surrounded by the sea, protected by its mountains and pierced by many lakes.

If you love someone and you are looking for a charming place to exchange the promise of a life to live together, walk up to the shores of a lake.

If the lake calls you, just stop and listen. This lake wants to make its own promise: on your wedding day its light and its fragrances will become part of your memories.

Then return to the person you love and do not forget: even the lake expects you to say YES.

The proposal

For nearly twenty years Lombardy lakes have taught us that, if you take pictures of the water knowing its rules, you can get unique images. And if you also are hyper-creative, you get a 100% Italian product, a concentrate of style and quality.

We can move all over Italy, but our presence is concentrated in prime locations and Italian castles, in the beautiful villas on Lakes Como, Iseo and Garda.

We are in love with Lombardy, particularly the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Como, Lecco, Milan, Sondrio and Monza Brianza. Always willing to transfer throughout Italy and to reach every corner of Europe and the world.

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The promise

Around the Italian lakes there are churches of various sizes, villas and castles that will become the exclusive setting for your wedding and the perfect set of our photo reportages.

We offer ability and experience in the art of photographing people and things. People living here offer their proverbial hospitality.

The territory offers modern buildings and lots of history, as well as well-equipped structures. Specialized companies deal with organization: preparation of environments, catering, flowers, music and lots more.

Your friends give you the joy and your family the warmth of the party. You bring the uniqueness of a love story, to be fully lived.

The lake will do the rest, as promised.

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Ilaria e Omar

Wedding in Costiera Amalfitana

Mylene + Stefano

Wedding at the Aura del Lago

Federica + Massimo

Wedding in Villa Monastero Pax

Wendy & Carlo

Wendy&Carlo - 7 Settembre 2017